Meet Sarah Jameson & 
Kieran Sutcliffe

Q) What have been the highlights of your career to date?

Being on BGT was a great experience and opened many doors for us. Since being on the show we have been able to tour our duo all over the world. Also since BGT we have been lucky enough to be involved in 11 pantomimes, which is just a dream.

Q) Tell me about the show - what character do you play?

♦ ‘Bonjoir mesdames and messieurs, Fairy Formidable here’ I am playing a quirky fairy with a touch of traditional French maid.
♦ ‘Hello dads’ Kieran is playing Dame Dorothea Derriere who is the loveable Pantomime dame.

Q) What do you like about doing a panto?

It’s such a magical time of year and its lovely to help people enjoy Christmas that little bit more by bringing friends, families and kids together for a special experience. I always like playing the goodie and helping defeat the baddie. Kieran loves having an array of extravagant dresses which makes Sarah want to update her wardrobe.
Q) How do you get in character?

Because we have been lucky enough to play similar parts before it does come quite natural to us. But this year I believe my part would eat a lot of cheese and chocolate, so I intend to do that over the Christmas period, all for the need of the theatre of course! Kieran likes to walk around the house in high heels the month before we start rehearsals but he told me not to tell you that.

Q) Do you get nervous?

The most nervous we get is in the rehearsal room because you never know what to expect. Especially day one as you are getting to know each other and all the creatives. When it comes to the show we have good nerves because we want to do well but by this stage we (hopefully) know what we’re doing and the adrenaline kicks in and we can’t wait to perform in front of an audience.

Q) How does the experience of being in a pantomime differ to other theatre productions?

In a run of a pantomime no two shows are the same! They’re always different and it keeps you on your toes and there’s no room to get bored. The comic and the dame have flexible parts so they can play around and keep it fresh. Kieran picks on a new dad (potential husband) every show and you never know what the audience are going do either.
Q) Is it terribly tiring?

It is but we like hard work and love it! When you love something it doesn’t seem like work as when the alarm goes off even if were super tired we can’t wait to be performing and bringing joy to people’s lives. I get extra tired during pantomime as Kieran snores really loudly.

Q) Why do you think our love of panto lives on, year after year?

It’s because it’s become a British tradition. Most families go every year to their local pantomime. It is a time to bring everyone together and forget about the ever challenging world we live in. Everyone leaves with a smile on their face and having had a brilliant time.

Q) Anything to add?

We are very excited to have the chance to do Panto this year! Beauty and the Beast is one of our all-time favourite tales and the buzz around it this year is extra special. We’re thrilled to be working together and it’s our first time working with Jordan Productions - it’s going be a great year. Bring on rehearsals, we cannot wait to get started.
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