Gujarati Yatra


Sunday 22 April 2018 at 5.30pm

Celebrating the Finale of the ‘Gujarati Yatra – Journey of a people’ exhibition

An innovative and colourful journey to the land of Gujarat, discovering new places and capturing its history through timeless dance traditions of Garba, Raas, Hudo, Tippani,Holi, Dhar Talwar (Sword and Shield), Timli and many more.  An unparalleled theatrical experience which will enthrall audiences with its beauty and tradition.

Featuring Subrang Arts, Maher Girls Group, Leicester and Raas Rebellion

Tickets : £5

A £1 per ticket booking fee applies (up to a maximum of £6) and will be charged on all bookings made online or by telephone. No fee will be applied if you book in person at the Box Office. Booking in advance is always recommended.


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